Breath Connection #3: JOY *Cacao Edition*

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230 days ago




What is Breath Connection? Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. Repeat again. Repeat again every second, of every day, of your life. We spend our ENTIRE LIVES breathing. It is the single most important thing we do every day and how we breathe profoundly impacts our nervous system, brain and mental/emotional state. Join Mallory once a month to learn the powerful breath techniques of Sattva yoga to access greater energy, health and joy. Breath Connection is an afternoon of all our favorite activities: breathing, moving, conversing, communing and eating!   Breath Connection Cacao Edition Details 3:30pm: Arrivals 4:00pm: Cacao ceremony, including breath, movement, music and voice 6:30pm: Community vegan dinner, featuring pop-up by Oh.My.Squash!  7:30pm: Departures  With special guest facilitator Jake Ifshin This month's theme: JOY How can we connect to joy even when there is so much suffering in the world? Why have we been conditioned to feel guilty about being joyful and experiencing pleasure? How can we tap into a natural, innocent state of joy? What would happen if we let go and allowed ourselves to express our inner joy without restraint?   How to prepare? Bring with you: Mug/thermos for cacao  Water bottle  Musical instruments  Journal, cards, crystals or other sacred objects  Wear loose, comfortable clothes Only attend if you can stay for the entire experience 3.30pm-7.30pm Refrain from alcohol, caffeine and recreational drugs the day of the gathering and avoid eating a heavy meal within 2 hours prior We are big believers in the power of gifts. Donations and exchanges of any kind are appreciated, but not required :) RSVP for exact address (near the Nostrand A stop in Bed-Stuy) Email with any questions About Us  Jake Ifshin is a permaculture practitioner, yogi, musician, and entrepreneur who is passionate about reconnecting communities to nature and discovering deep states of creative flow.  Cacao has been a vital ally in the past year for Jake, and he loves creating intentional spaces for groups to work with this heart-opening medicine Mallory Combemale is a breathwork and yoga teacher who facilitates transformative experiences that help participants access new possibilities and connect deeply with one another. She is a grateful student of the diverse fields of intentional creativity, sustained dialogue, human-centered design and the Vedantic-Tantric yoga tradition.

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