100hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Date & Time

Monday, September 7th, 1:00 PM to
Friday, September 18th, 9:00 PM




Deep Immersion into Teaching Yin Yoga with Rebecca Khalil. 100HR Yin Yoga Teacher Training - facilitated by Rebecca Khalil of Shanti Atma Yoga

At Namastuy Healing Collective, Brooklyn New York

Where knowledge meets passion. Specially curated Yin yoga teacher training for those looking to deepen their own practice or further their teaching path.This course offers you to slow down the body and the mind while diving deeper into the connection of yoga asana and meditation, physical and energetic body, while refreshing your knowledge on anatomy, fascia and Chinese energy theory. Being an experiential learning environment, you will embody the physical, energetic, mental and emotional realms within the yin yoga practice. This course will take you through the fascia, function and energy of yoga so that you can expand your expertise and experience in practice and teaching.

1) Functional Approach to Yoga: Anatomy and Fascial studies with the Art of Teaching

2) Energetic Approach to Yoga: Chinese 5 Elements and Philosophy with the Art of Teaching

Students get:

100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Welcome Bag Learning Materials YACEP certification One on One Time with Teachers Like minded community Intimate and personal learning experience 5-Class Card for Yoga at Namastuy Healing Collective Practicing

This course offers you the time to slow down and work on bringing yourself back into the parasympathetic nervous response. This is where rejuvenation, relaxation and restoration reside. On a practicing level, you will dive deeper into the connection of yoga asana, meditation and mindfulness, both on and off the mat.


On a teaching level, you will significantly enhance your teaching style and technique with your personality. You will refresh your knowledge of functional anatomy, fascial studies and the bio-individuality of the body through experiential workshops and theory sessions.You will be introduced to Chinese Medicine, the 5 elements and will develop an art of teaching to teach Yin Yoga in a creative and efficient way.

Your Art

The art of teaching will prepare you to understand the responsibilities of being a Yin Yoga teacher, looking at key aspects within teaching methodology. Being an experiential, positive and inspirational learning environment, you will embody the physical, energetic, mental and emotional realms within the yin yoga practice from two points of view: the practitioner and the teacher.

Training Dates: September 7-11th & 14-18th 2020 (2 days off in-between)

Downpayment to reserve your spot: $599

Early Bird: $1975

Regular Investment: $2475

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