Tantric Date Night with Yourself: Valentine's Love for YOU!!

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152 days ago


Tantric Date Night with Yourself: Loving Yourself, practicing the Expansion of Love as a Meditation, and Yes, Honoring the Cosmic and Personal Sex Center as a Ritual of Love, Fertility, and Great Sex. The History of Valentine’s Day dates back to a ruckus Pagan Fertility Rite to mark the coming of Spring. Today it has been commercialized and boxed in to a limited meaning of Romantic couples and can be stressful time when some of us are happy to be alone, just haven’t found the right partner, just our of a relationship and ready or not ready for the next one.

Tantra mean, “to expand.” In this class we will practice exercises from Tantric traditions, from Loving Kindness Meditation, and from many other Creative Arts Techniques to practice expanding Love in all its forms. We will explore the expansion and nurturing of Self Love. We will envision the practice as Love as a Living Meditation and a seated meditation practice. We will explore touch, understanding tuning in to listening to touch we are wanting to receive and give understanding the play of giving and receiving. The class will be intimate, sensual but not sexual. It will be playful and perhaps challenging to explore the honesty of intimacy with oneself and others.

You will leave the class glowing. Filled with Hope and Love. Or you will be that much closer to that state of Love and Hope as you are comfortable with toda

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