Coffee, Kegels, & Conversation—Appreciation

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160 days ago




Do you long for a community of womxn to support and be supported by? Maybe you’re new to the city and haven’t met your BFFs yet. Maybe you have some casual friends or a scattered friend group, but long for deeper, more meaningful, & easier connections.

Maybe you’ve been here awhile but most of your people moved to Brooklyn (or beyond) so you can’t connect as often as you used to. New York City is lonely.

You love this city but it’s tough. People come and go - and sometimes take your heart with them. Like you, those who stick around have big beautiful dreams that they’re bringing to life - which means their time is precious.  

You’re over needing to manage your friend groups or schedule time together a month (or more) in advance.  You wish that you had… a regular community of inspiring womxn to share your soul with dedicated time to connect deeply with yourself and others a monthly touchpoint to see how you’re feeling and reset - without doing Whole30 the exact steps to make your big vision a reality - and the world a better place CKC gives you time devoted to reconnecting with yourself and other womxn - so you can make your big dreams a reality.

Created by School of Shine, CKC provide an open, supportive space to discuss meaningful topics with good company & good vibes. With a warm beverage in hand, we’ll explore the month's theme—APPRECIATION—through activities like intention setting, meditation, writing, conversation, and more.  As one attendee says: "It's the best $13 I spend each month!"   In this welcoming, empathetic, zero-judgment & BS space you’ll…  raise your self-awareness and -appreciation be inspired to take action to create positive change in your life & community feel powerful, energized, and recharged get reminded of what you’re capable of - and learn the exact steps to get there Join Passion by Kait to kick your weekend off with deep connection, uplifting community, and endless inspiration!  Your Ticket Includes: Amazing conversation with kick-ass womxn Delicious warm beverage(s) Yummy vegan + gluten-free snacks Sexy and soulful door prizes  Questions? Email Kait at 

Please note: CKC is an inclusive space. Trans and cis womxn, as well as all femme-of-center folx along the gender spectrum are welcome. The venue is wheelchair accessible. There is no nudity in this workshop.

Your Facilitator Kait Scalisi, MPH is a sex educator and the founder of Passion by Kait, an award-winning resource for women & couples who crave a sex life that’s as intimate, exciting, & fulfilling sex life as the rest of her relationship. Through her fun + affirming articles, workshops, and counseling, she helps you say OMG YES to your desires and hell no to whatever holds you back - while feeling totally comfortable and without twisting yourself into a pretzel or spending hours a day on intimacy-building activities. A few things that make her say OMG YES? Hü dark chocolate, living room dance parties, & steamy romance novels. Find #freedominpleasure at and at @PassionbyKait on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

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