Blindfolded Yoga Workshop

Date & Time

231 days ago


Long Island City


A beginner-level yoga class without your sense of sight. Intentionally connect your mind & body, creating a deeper trust in yourself.

About this Event This workshop is a basic, beginner yoga class without your sense of sight. It’s designed for you to intentionally connect your mind and body, feel into your movement, alignment, and breath while cultivating a deeper trust in yourself. You’ll develop a stronger mindful awareness of your physical movement and the space around you.

Truly trusting yourself helps reduce stress, build confidence, and creates solid decision-making abilities; all crucial steps in self-growth and mental health. A stronger awareness of your body and how it feels can help you to identify illness, injury, and stress at an earlier stage, allowing you take productive steps toward your health.

Come test yourself and practice building these skills while enhancing your overall well-being in a limited-sized class! Capped at 6 people, there will be ample room to move with wall access for stability.

tags: meditation, yoga, mindbody