Grounding Reparations: Community Land Ownership & Racial Equity

Date & Time

381 days ago


Greenwich Village


A Henry Cohen Lecture Grounding Reparations: Community Land Ownership & Racial Equity 

This event is also a release event for Repair: Redeeming the Promise of Abolition, the new book by Katherine Franke. The control of land determines who is displaced and who reaps wealth. Communities of color, in particular Black and Indigenous communities, have suffered a long history of displacement from land and housing leading to instability and contributing to the racial wealth gap. Can grassroots efforts to create community land trusts offer an alternative framework for just land use and permanently affordable housing as a human right? And can this model offer a strategy of reparations for historical injustices stemming from the ongoing effects of slavery and the racialized systems it generated? Please join this conversation on how we can move from profit and evictions to inclusive democracy, repair and liberation.

Speakers will include: Katherine Franke, Author, Repair: Redeeming the Promise of Abolition Monique “Mo” George, Picture The Homeless Mychal Johnson, NYC Community Land Initiative Mia Charlene White, Assistant Professor, The New School for Public Engagement Peter Sabonis, National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (moderator) This event is presented jointly by the New School Henry Cohen lecture series and the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative Michael Ratner Roundtable series. It is part of a larger conversation being advanced through the New Social Contract project. The project seeks to build a collective new understanding of ourselves as a country in order to face the challenges revealed, as the fragile veneer of our democracy has been pulled back. It also focuses on community- and social movement-driven solutions to our deepest problems and argues that the many transformative solutions already being practiced at a smaller scale provide the scaffolding for a new social and economic model that can define our future. You can read or download the New Social Contract at Hosted by Milano School for Policy, Management, and Environment

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