Artist Circle

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107 days ago


Artist Circle: Topic "What's Your Voice?"

"I AM" Series 's monthly circle for artists who create to do good for the world. There're circles for women, POC, healing… not enough for artists without really being competitive. We get together once a month to talk over food, connect as humans and understand each others.

This is for you if you are someone who

  • create to share a story
  • create to make a world a better place
  • create to shine more healing in this world
  • create to connect people or community
  • create, because you know that's what you're called to do.

This is NOT for you if you

  • try to promote your work
  • create just to make money.

DATE: 8/28/19 Wednesday 7-9pm. Location: Available upon RSVP What to bring : Yourself & Food you like that you want to share with others.

tags: mindfulness, community, vulnerability, uplift, artist