Curious Fox Presents: Non-monogamous Dating in the Age of Covid-19 w/ Steve Dean

Date & Time

53 days ago


Can non-monogamous dating continue during social distancing?

Join us as dating industry consultant and relationship coach Steve Dean shares his favorite strategies for navigating non-monogamous dating during this pandemic, many of which he is actively using across his current relationships.

He'll go over: -Which new dating apps, services, and communities are springing up to address a new virtual/digital-first ecosystem.

-How to adjust your dating profiles and messaging to make the most of social isolation.

-Creative virtual date ideas that may prove to be more fun than IRL dating.

-Fun sexting strategies and photography tips for staying creative when you can’t physically meet.

-How to navigate connecting with your other partners while social distancing with one of your multiple partners.

-How (and whether) to attempt opening a relationship while in quarantine.

-How to maintain physical and emotional space for yourself and your own sexuality, even if living in a tiny NYC studio with your partner(s).

There will also be time for group discussion, Q&A, and activities so we can get to know one another and discover the wisdom we’ve collectively accrued since the social distancing began!

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