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Have a physical or emotional issue you wish to heal naturally? Book an appointment with one of our certified herbalists! You will have your own one-on-one herbal consultation and be guided to which plant medicines would be best for you to incorporate in your own regimen. Witness the ancient wisdom of Plant Medicine to nourish your body, mind and soul.

Every Friday and Saturday, 2-6pm!

To book your appointment, please e-mail:

Walk-Ins are always welcome!

Contribution: $60 per half hour

About Our Herbalists

Maya Robinson:

Maya is a clinical herbalist, reiki practitioner, and flower essence practitioner. Under the name Rooted Things Apothecary, she offers herbal consultations, energy work and custom small batch remedies for her clients. Her practice is a weaving of ancient healing frameworks such as Ayurveda, TCM, Alchemy, Aromatherapy, and various Energy Healing modalities with the more modern and scientific understanding of herbs and health to guide her clients on their own individual healing journey. Instead of the focus being on a disease or symptom, the focus is on the whole person and to look at how the bottom line energetic blocks and imbalance has manifested, and gently bringing that into alignment with the use of plant allies, life style adjustments, and energy work.

As the Co-Founder and Creative Lead at Echt Remedies, and through its publication Plant-Matters, she hopes to bring back traditional wisdom to all people through education, art, and events which will ultimately lead us all to be better stewards of the Plant Kingdom that has always been by our side to heal and guide us. @rootedthings

Lauren Schoch: Lauren Schoch created The Inspired Spring where she works as an herbalist, reiki practitioner and an IIN health coach. A constant seeker of knowledge, she continues to study western herbalism in the way of the Wise Woman tradition. Her journey began over three years ago with Green Medicine training in herbalism with Peeka Trenkle followed by her apprenticeship with mentor Robin Rose Bennett. Thirsting for more wisdom in the wellness field, she completed a year long program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition becoming a certified health coach. She also studied the Japanese natural healing system, Reiki, with Joanna Crespo at the New York Open Center.

Lauren passionately combines all three healing modalities to inspire, empower and encourage her clients to learn to lead with their hearts, speak their truth and to become their own healers by placing great emphasis on reconnecting to Nature and Her rhythmic cycles as a way to invite balance back into our lives. @theinspiredspring

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