Women Together (Livestream): The Resilient Path with Gabby Bernstein

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356 days ago


Cobble Hill


It takes immense courage to stand strong in the face of adversity. When we move through fear and choose love, we cultivate a steadfast and necessary resilience that buoys us in the small, difficult moments of life—and during the most challenging of times.

Gabby Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned “spirit junkie,” has made it her mission to inspire others to view the world through the lens of love—to walk the resilient path with true purpose and happiness. The more resilient we are, the more connected we are to ourselves and to each other. Together, we turn the tides. With Gabby, Wendy Palmer, founder of Leadership Embodiment, and movement and meditation teacher Kate Johnson, we will learn new practices and techniques to cultivate resilience create meaningful and empowering connections with each other feel more energetic, optimistic, grounded and centered leave the day readier to face the ups and downs in our day-to-day lives We invite you to participate in this extraordinary daylong event either online via our specially designed live-stream experience at our Brooklyn store or in person at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab in Irvington, NY. Through writing, conversation, movement and Q&A with our presenters, we will learn and grow from each other’s strengths, hopes and experiences. Let’s create the change we want to see in the world. Together. Each event in the Women Together Series features three elements: CONNECT, PRACTICE, MOVE. Whether you join in person or online you will have opportunities to connect with other participants, learn and try new practices that support the day’s experience and spend time moving.   Gabby Bernstein “In every situation you have two choices: Will you learn through fear or will you learn through love?” —Gabby Bernstein Gabby will lead us in guided meditations that are specially designed to help build resilience. Gabby Bernstein, motivational speaker, life coach and entrepreneur, is the New York Times best-selling author of The Universe Has Your Back, Judgment Detox and others. She has been featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday as a “next-generation thought leader,” and was chosen for the Oprah Winfrey Network’s “SuperSoul 100,” a collection of 100 awakened leaders who are using their voices and talent to elevate humanity. Appearing regularly on The Dr. Oz Show, Gabby has been featured by numerous media outlets, including The Today Show, Kathy Lee & Hoda, ELLE, and Cosmopolitan. Her newest book, Super Attractor, is due out this fall. gabbybernstein.com Wendy Palmer “Few people, even athletes, allow themselves to listen to the subtle signals our bodies are constantly giving us: slow down, breathe completely, listen to your heart…” —Wendy Palmer Wendy will teach us resilience-building practices we can use anytime—even under the most stressful situations. Wendy Palmer is the founder of Leadership Embodiment, a process that integrates mindfulness with principles from the Japanese martial art of Aikido to offer simple tools and practices to increase creativity and resilience in leaders. She has worked with executive teams and individuals at Twitter, Genentech, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, The Gap, NASA, Salesforce.com, McKinsey & Co, Oracle, Unilever, the BBC, and Daimler Chrysler Group. She holds a sixth degree black belt in Aikido, has practiced mindfulness for 45 years and is the author of Leadership Embodiment, The Intuitive Body, and The Practice of Freedom. leadershipembodiment.com JOIN ONLINE VIA LIVE-STREAM In Brooklyn, our unique live-stream platform lets you feel immersed in the full-day event as you participate with the larger community of online participants. Whether you’re joining solo or with a group of friends, you’ll be connected to the day’s activities, including live Q&A and small-group breakouts.

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