Lady Bits League August

$5 - $12 / Ticket

Date & Time

690 days ago


Park Slope


Lady Bits League is a brave female talk salon challenging and redefining the normative narrative of female wellness. We convene monthly, the second Tuesday of the month.

Theme: Big F’ing Female Decisions We all have big decisions to make. Join us for a discussion on female decision making. How do we make female health, sex, and well-being decisions? Who do we entrust with our bodies? How do we know if we are well-informed? How do our choices affect us personally? How do we measure the impact of our decisions? And what is the net impact of our collective decisions on the world?

Our Hosts This month we are being generously hosted in an incredibly gallery in Prospect Heights at the Future of Sex and Lips, #SexPosi+ Popup, featuring sex-positive artists, talks with leading sextech pioneers, workshops and exclusive screenings. The Sex Positive+ popup will be open to the public for the entire month of August, hosted at 336 Flatbush Ave gallery and coffee shop Lil Sister.

Future of Sex and Lips, #SexPosi+ Popup is to normalize sexuality and spark a conversation about sex, identity and expression. Lips is a new kind of social media platform, providing a safe-space in print and online for women* to express their sexual experiences openly and honestly - and the perfect partner for this expressive event!

The pop-up brings together years of research, zines, workshops, podcasts, expert networks and hackathons in one beautifully curated space. With the help of amazing artists, panelists and performers our aim is to normalize sexuality and celebrate the sex-positive community.

Our sex-positive artwork will be on display throughout August, so stop in anytime during Lil Sister open hours!

Our Guest Expert for the Evening is Estrella Jaramillo, Co-founder of Bwom an app and advocate for female reproductive wellness.

Lady Bits was created and is led by Jenn Louie and Emily Sauer.

Jenn Louie is the founder of Kinvite, a socially conscious ticketing and events platform promoting female-led conscious events. She is an expert facilitator and seeker of brave and bold conversations.

Emily Sauer is Brooklyn's sparky founder of OhNut, a playful sex education and advocacy product line addressing the challenges of pain during sex.

Light bites, salads, and drinks will be served. Contributions go to covering the cost of food, drinks, and operating costs.

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