The Bridge - One Day Personal Growth Experience for Men

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303 days ago




Is “domestication” draining your Life Force? You may not know what it is or how it keeps you from breaking free to be your true self and live the life you came to embrace. Without the Primal fire that burns within each man, we are destined to be ruled by our “old story”, the one that keep us restricted and safe.

The Hero’s Journey is the path inward to face our fears and demons. For those who venture, it is a life of self-discovery and freedom form the past, the old story. Your Life is Your Hero’s Journey; why not take a map along! For an introduction to the culturally-universal archetypal, mythological and psychological calls to self-discovery, as observed and documented by Joseph Campbell, see this excerpt of the documentary Finding Joe.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the following themes The Power of Shadow • Archetypal Energy • Sacred Masculine

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