The Wellness of We- Day 5, Wellness Beyond Whiteness

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2 days ago


An 8-day online practice to advance collective wellbeing.

The Wellness of We - Growing a practice to advance collective Wellbeing & Community care. We were brought up to believe that wellness is an individual pursuit. But this virus has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are an interdependent species. We are as vulnerable as our most vulnerable, as safe as those left behind. Our economic, political, and social systems are not well, so our people are not well.

In the absence of systems that care for us all, mutual and community care are critical pathways to our collective wellbeing. In striving for wellness, we must expand our vision from ME to WE. But how do we become well in an unwell world? How do we become connected in a culture ruled by separation?

We get there by doing it together. Wellness is a collective practice that requires resistance, resilience and the reimagining of the beautiful and healthy world that we are worthy of. We are worthy of wellness. We are worthy of community. We are worthy of freedom. We are worthy of our dreams. It's time for us to reimagine our wellbeing…together.

What You Get:

Embodied Practice Each day, you’ll receive a morning practice, love letters, and inspired content.

Courageous Conversations Each evening, we’ll gather for courageous conversations that move us from ME to WE. 5PST/8EST

Collective Action Along the way, we’ll build resources and relationships that move us to wellbeing that works for everyone.

Day 1 Mon 5.25 The WE in Wellness Grounding in who “we” are in wellness / What’s needed in wellness? What’s possible?

Day 2 Tue 5.26 Worthy & Well Reclaiming our worthiness and the power of radical self-love to transform ourselves and one another.

Day 3 Wed 5.27 From Self-Care to Community Care Self-care is not enough when so many are suffering. We need a practice of mutual care that is bigger, more innovative, and includes all of us.

Day 4 Thur 5.28 Revolutionary Love This moment is calling us to transform fear into revolutionary love and imagine the world we want to see.

Day 5 Fri 5.29 Wellness Beyond Whiteness What’s in the way of wellness? White supremacy. How to get free and imagine a wellness beyond whiteness.

Day 6 Sat 5.30 Rest & Reparations Rest is a revolutionary act of resistance in a culture of capitalism and non-stop hustling. How do we reclaim the dignity of enoughness and repair our relationship to each other?

Day 7 Sun 5.31 Politics & Economics of Wellbeing We need to reclaim politics/economics as a system of how we take care of each other - not just in crisis, but every day - so that we protect what is most essential and create the conditions for everyone to thrive.

Day 8 Mon 6.1 Joyful Revolution Wellness requires freedom; freedom from scarcity, and supremacy. But even more than that, wellness requires the freedom that comes with knowing that we are seen, supported, and resourced to manifest our full potential for joy, abundance and wellbeing.

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