Mamas on the Move

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Mamas - what is your next move? What have you been yearning to accomplish? Join us for a fun-filled afternoon of nourishment, inspiration and self-care while our group of expert mamas (meditation, health, life & career coaches) open your mind and hearts to conquer your dream goals. Whether it's for your professional or personal growth, we'll get you into the right mindset and give you the tools that you'll need to get to where you want to go.

Network with like-minded and supportive mamas! Learn how daily self-care can make you productive and get practical tips and insights from our thoughtful guides to learn how to balance it all. Hear from a panel of industry leading mamas with unique perspectives on identity, family, relationships, health, career, and daily challenges, and learn how a healthy mindset can help you overcome obstacles.   Hosted at the modern, luxurious Luminary, we'll feed you delicious light bites and fuel you with some amazing vibes to get you ready for your next MOVE! As a little gift to celebrate motherhood,we are giving every mama a mini style make over by our stylists. Have an option to get yourself a new beautiful headshot to take home with you! It'll be a very supportive, energetic and nourishing afternoon to focus just on YOU. We'll also hear from community builder, social entrepreneur and mama of three, Therese Miu (founder of Fire Dash Media) and keep the energy light and flowing with laughs provided by stand-up comedian, Alyce Chan of (@momcomnyc).  More on our industry speakers & experts:  BIET SIMKIN Spiritual Teacher Biet is a Rock and Roll Spiritual Teacher who pulls out the heart in people through her explosive story, music, and global meditation experiences. She has 30+ years of study of ancient spiritual principles which she has just released in an easy to read and digest book entitled 'Don't Just Sit There!' with Simon & Schuster. You can find her at or @guidedbybiet on Instagram. JAMIE JONES Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer  After finding a strength she didn’t know she had during Perinatal Depression, Jamie switched careers from VIP Hospitality and is now a Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, and newly-minted Doula. Jamie has always had a love of movement and music - dancing since she could walk and being a fitness enthusiast all her life. After suffering a variety of physical issues due to lack of information surrounding Prenatal fitness and a battle with postpartum depression, Jamie became passionate about helping other women stay strong throughout their pre/postnatal journey. You can find more about Jamie's fitness journey @jamiejonesfit on Instagram. SURABHI LAL  Talent & Career CoachSurabhi savors her craft as a manager, educator, coach, and mentor. She believes that jobs and workplaces have an extraordinary opportunity to increase interaction among people of different backgrounds, work towards a more equitable society, and create strong communities. As a skilled career coach and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach she has a natural ability to see someone's unique talents and motivations and knows that a career impacts many facets of one's life. She gets great joy from making the unwritten rules of a job search and workplace more explicit to create equity and guiding others on their journey to career success. She is passionate about developing talent, cultivating good management, and creating cultures where individuals and teams thrive. As the Head of Program Development and Learning at Luminary, her goal is to curate workshops and experiences that encourage learning, growth, and community. She is an adjunct professor at NYU Wagner where she teaches courses on workplace effectiveness and career development and sits on the board of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work. She is a parent to an adventurous, curious little human and partner to her better half. To feed her creativity she travels, explores food markets, dances in the kitchen, cooks, and (most importantly) eats. You can find her at @danceinkitchen on Twitter. TANIA STERL Stylist Tania is the founder of Sterl on Style. As a personal wardrobe stylist, she loves to help women to revive their style that is in tune with their professional goals, unique personality, and active lifestyles. You can find Tania at @sterlonstyle on Instagram. SANDHYIA (SANDY) GOSINE CELEBRITY PHOTOGRAPHER Sandy is a published author of the book "A Walk Through Life". She specializes in portrait and event photography, with a concentration on peple events, corporate photography, bringing a coloful and energetic style to each project. You can find her at @InstaGlam_Photography on Instagram Event Organizers: Therese Miu Founder of @FireDashMedia, nourishing mama, community builder, serial social entrepreneur, speaker, fierce feminine supporter.  Her mission: for women's voices to be heard.  Her creative agency fire dash media believes in women lifting women and have dedicated much of their efforts in supporting women-led businesses.  You can find all her mommy musings on Instagram @theresemiu  Alyce Chan  Alyce uses her creativity and humor to currate unique events to bring a unique level of light and refreshing energy to any platform. Alyce is the creative director of @FireDashMedia and founder of design and photography agency, AC Design House (@acdesignhouse). Alyce created the concept of BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) Comedy show - the first of its kind in New York and is the producer and main host. She is also the mastermind behind the satirical and light-humored @momcomnyc on Instagram, a virtual community to connect mothers through humor. Alyce supports and encourages mothers to be heard through her range of events and collaborative efforts with brands she believes in. She is also the resident comedian and photographer for a remarkable womens' retreat called Renew Breakup Bootcamp, where she brings laughter to her photography sessions and offers comedic relief. She performs all over North America and is a proud mama of her two witty, curious and charming boys.

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