Have you ever observed a person whose presence feels magnetic? There is a luminosity to them, a brightness, a special light which draws your attention and respect? Their manner is confident, graceful and content, drawing to them good things without much effort and also repelling from them that which will not support their happiness. The Yogic sciences recognize these as qualities of a strong Radiant Body, the part of your being that quietly communicates who you are before any word is spoken. It is possible to polish your own Radiant Body and to regulate your magnetism! But to do so, you must first cultivate a strong container and mind to hold and to project your radiance. The goal of this course is to help you gain an experience of your own radiant body. The Ayurvedic life sciences and Kundalini Yoga practices are powerful tools to use to develop your body, mind, and spirit - to build strength, illumination, and clarity! This course will use Ayurvedic theory to explain how the body and the mind function, and the types of actions that will invite your personal vitality to rise. It is vitality that will allow you to generate enough energy to hold your strength, to build a presence, a magnetic field that projects off the body to the radiant body. It is the radiant body that draws out your integrity, character, and excellence, and gives you a presence in this world. Throughout of the five weeks of this course, you will be invited to integrate the body, mind, and spirit through the three principle sadhanas of breath, sound, food as defined by Ayurveda. These are expressions of the refined forms of the elements embodied in Prana, Ojas, and Tejas. Prana brings life force energy to us through nature's movements, Tejas brings cosmic vibration to us through nature's harmonious sound, Ojas brings cosmic memory to us through nature's food. Lifestyle and dietary patterns will dictate how these three forces of nature present themselves in the human organism: as life, light, and love, or as disease causing forces known in Ayurveda as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. In their intelligent, heightened form, Prana, Tejas, and Ojas produce happiness, radiance, and prosperity! Disturbed, Vata presents as fear, worry, anxiety, central nervous system disfunction and deterioration, Pitta contributes to inflammation of the body/mind, and Kapha produces damaging and superficial sweetness that create attachment, complacency, and depression.  Each two hour class will be a combination of Ayurvedic philosophy taught by Noël Graupner and Kundalini yoga practice lead by Liam Pfeiffer, with the intention of helping you to cultivate the internal conditions conducive for the expression of Prana, Tejas, and Ojas through the body, mind, and presence. At the end of each class, you will receive homework recommendations which maybe relative to diet or lifestyle, and which will also include a Kundalini meditation to practice daily between classes.  Dates + Timing Wednesday's mid-March - mid-April 645-845 PM The Assemblage NoMad 114 E 25th St, NYC Course Exchange Full Course : $175 for The Assemblage members | $225 non-members Single Class : $40 for The Assemblage members | $50 non-members March 21 | Class One: Introduction to Ayurveda and Kundalini This class will introduce the Ayurvedic life sciences and Kundalini Yoga technology, give the course foundation and direction, and will end with a gong bath. We will discuss: ·  What is Ayurveda? What is Kundalini Yoga? How can they work together? ·  What are the 10 Bodies of Kundalini?  ·  What are Prana, Tejas, Ojas (Life, Light, Love)? How can they become Vata, Pitta, and Kapha (disease causing forces)? ·  How can you get the most out of this course?  ·  What is Sadhana? How do I practice Kundalini Sadhana at home (between classes)? March 28 | Class Two: Intro to Prana : Soul Breath + Developing Rhythm  Prana is life, it is Ji (Jiva), the life-love-evolutionary-intelligence-force which maintains breath, intuition, and memory, and animates our bodies. The heightened form of the Air element, it is the source of all movement, and thus rhythm and flow. You are a rhythmic being! What is the base-beat of you, how are you moving? During this class we will discuss: ·  How can you connect with the part of ourselves which is undying, immortal? The ‘you with in the you’?  ·  How is the life force moving in the healthy system? The unhealthy system? (5 winds of Vata: Prana, Samana, Vyana, Apana, Udana) ·  How can we use the physical body to maneuver the pranic energy to experience the heightened expression of Prana and not the disturbed Vata? Class will end with a 1 hour yoga set and Kundalini kriya focusing on pranyam, breath practice to develop rhythm. April 4 | Class Three: Intro to Tejas : Soul Vibration + Finding Your Voice  Tejas, the mind’s subtle fire, is Jyoti, or light and heat, which allows for illumination, clarity, insight, and radiance. It is that which enables perception, sight, and also metabolism, transformation. Tejas makes cosmic sound audible and produces your inner voice and intuition. Tejas gives life to sound and brings forth our ability to change. During this class we will discuss: ·  How can you perceive reality - the absolute truth vs. what is only apparent? ·  How and where are sensory inputs (foods, sounds, sights, smells, and feelings) being transformed within the human organism? (5 Fires of Pitta: Pachak, Alochak, Sadhak, Bhrajak, Ranjak) ·  What practices will improve your strength of transformation, your digestive capacity so that you can build healthy tissues? So that you can be honest? So that you can see and speak the Truth? Class will end with a 1 hour yoga set and Kundalini kriya focusing on chanting and finding your voice.  April 11 | Class Four: Intro to Ojas : Soul Nourishment  Ojas is the glow of health from which you derive a strong, vibrant immune system. It is the heightened form of the Water element which enables all organs to operate intelligently and efficiently without disease by maintaining our physical body and impulses and safeguarding our internal bodily functions. Ojas is what gives us the fortitude and appetite to sustain wholesome activity in our lives, meaning that Ojas is Prim, it is Love. Without Ojas, love may be felt but it is superficial, conditional, and attached. During this class we will discuss: ·  How can you begin to feel bliss - a deep, internal sweetness and satisfaction that does not go away? ·  How is Kapha maintaining and sustaining (protecting) the human organism? (5 Waters Kapha: Kledak, Tarpak, Avalambak, Bodak, Shleshak) ·  What practices will help your organism produce Ojas?   ·  How is discipline self-love?  Class will end with a 1 hour yoga set and Kundalini kriya focusing on transmuting outward desires and impulse to inner nourishment.  April 18 | Class Five: Integration  During our final class together, we will review all that has been discussed on Prana, Tejas, and Ojas, weaving the teachings together so you may see how these energies influence one another. This will be an opportunity for Q+A and group share. We will discussing the shared aspects of Ayurvedic and Yogic lifestyle, with recommendations on routines to incorporate into your daily life to continue developing health and developing your light and love that will shine through your radiant body. The course will end with a powerful Kundalini class and gong bath.

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So You Wanna Be A Ji | Radiant Body, a five-class series

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