"La Femme Rose" Women Temple

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224 days ago


Hell's Kitchen


La Femme Rose women temple is a monthly gathering which is about embracing the sacredness of our feminine hearts, creating harmony within self, connecting with others in our life in a meanigful way, spreading joy in the world, honoring ourselves as divine beings, accepting all parts of us, and healing in a space where our vulnerable souls feel safe to be, where we come together to empower and nourish each other. What to expect:Practices and rituals in the traditions of Taoism, Hinduism, and Sacred Feminine that include personal empowerment, sensory exploration, relaxation, guided meditation, connectedness with self and others, mindfulness, breathing exercises, emotional release, aromatherapy, and intuitive movement.  Themes: We select a different theme for each month based on moon cycles and/or seasonal energies (subject to change): 09.28.19 Grace in Letting Go As seasons change so as our emotions, feelings, moods, vibrations… this is the time of the year when nature shows us grace in letting go of the old and breathtaking beauty of a colorful change. Let us embrace our own feminine colors at this time as we gracefully release what no longer serves us. 10.23.19 Goddess Kali: Embracing the Fears 11.23.19 Gratitude of the Heart 12.28.19 Harnessing Abundance  01.25.20 New Beginnings 02.22.20 Sacred LoveTogether we create light and inspire others to awaken to their true essence. Let us shine in unison! Here is what our participants are saying:"The Women’s Circle event was such a wonderful experience. Irina has such a vibrant energy that by the end of the circle I felt recharged, renewed and energized in my soul. Thank you for everything you do for women to show them who they really are and what they can do with their POWER that they carry within". Enki O."I had a personal great experience developing my mind, body & soul during a group session. What a beautiful expression of women!" Tara S.“I felt like I left my pain there. As if a weight has been lifted.” Paula M.

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