A Crash Course in Relational Meditation

$10 - $30 / Ticket

Date & Time

381 days ago


Relational meditation brings the power and potency of classical meditation into relationship and dialogue. Turning our curiosity to each other and ourselves in a direct and immediate way can open a window into the unimaginable richness and complexity of human connection and interaction. While this richness is always present we often do not have the time or apparent opportunity to delve into it. Relational meditation creates the space for such an exploration.

This workshop is for you if you sense that there is more potential in relationship than the world around you seems to acknowledge or imagine. It's a great way to build emotional intelligence, self awareness, compassion, mindfulness, and understanding. Come meet people. Come meet yourself. The session will be largely experiential and will include basic mindfulness of breathing and the body, small group practices that include eye contact and ways of speaking that promote a deepening presence, and classical compassion practices.

About the Facilitator: Miles Bukiet is a meditation and interpersonal meditation instructor. After ~ four years of full-time study of meditation at monasteries in Asia and in solitary retreat in the U.S.under the guidance of B. Alan Wallace and Roshi Joan Halifax, he found relational meditation / circling. He has since spent over a thousand hours participating in and leading circles. Miles has brought relational meditation to students at schools across the northeast including Middlebury, Syracuse, NYU, and Columbia. He also helped to integrate interpersonal meditation into the fabric of the Monastic Academy, a secular monastery in northern Vermont. Miles recently completed a Master's in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania where he focused on the intersection of meditation and modern science. He is currently 900 hours into a 1,600 hour Alexander Technique teacher training course. He loves opening new worlds to people and encouraging curiosity and care to grow.

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