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This is the antidote to the stress of modern living. We will explore the breath, movement, and balance sequences to purify and strengthen the body. 90 minutes of vigorous vinyasa yoga will be followed by a self-touch mindfulness exercise to deepen one's awareness of the subtle body. At the peak of the yoga sequence, we will explore verbalizations to celebrate masculine energy and foster tribal connections. This class is open to all, but will explore the intermediate/advanced end of the spectrum. Modifications will be offered for those with limited flexibility. This is an inclusive space with a zero-shade policy. Love to love yourself! 

About Adam Schwietert Adam began his yoga practice in 2008 after a series of injuries related to playing the baritone saxophone for nearly a decade. After years of healing his body and realizing the benefits of this practice, he became 500-hour certified under Jared McCann at Lighthouse yoga in Brooklyn in 2017. While grateful for this teacher training experience, his heart continues to follow the tradition of Mysore-style Ashtanga. Adam has a passion for studying sanskrit, the yoga sutras, and making sense of this ancient practice in the modern world. His current interests focus on individual and community healing through adventurous combination of traditional and experimental modalities. Read more about Adam at his website -

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