Creative Surrender: Passion Sprints XI

Date & Time

230 days ago




Weekend worksprints for your passion projects. Celebrating, Creating, and Collaborating in the intersection of art, music, dance, and tech.

Are you struggling to make time for your creative projects? Feeling like you're in a creative rut with your passions? What do you need to get back on track?

This is a curated workshop to light up a collective fire and creatively surrender to what needs to be done for your life today. If you'd like to bring a friend, please let Amanda or Sri know! All are welcome :)


Creative Surrender Studios brings together creative innovators and entrepreneurs to showcase and experiment creatively, socially, and intellectually in tandem with the current cultural landscape.

Our intention for each one of us this Sunday: Electrify our creative synapses with collective collaboration, immerse ourselves in our creative flow states, and to push the understanding placed on Self and our interaction with society.

We aim to provide a container for you to have both structure and freedom for spontaneity. Some art supplies and snacks will be provided, but please bring a small snack to share with your fellow creatives and any materials you might need to work on your passion project or collaborate with fellow creatives.

We will have WiFi, plenty of surface space to spread out, the ability to project if there's anything you'd like to share on screen with your fellow creatives, and space to dance and let loose between creative Passion Sprints.

tags: mindfulness, art, creativity