Curious Fox: Know Thyself

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The first step towards a healthy and thriving relationship of any kind is to know yourself. When people talk about trying to find themselves, have you ever wonder what the hell that means. Or more specifically, how does one go about actually “finding” themselves.

From sexual or relational orientation to the way we show and receive love, knowing who we are and how we show up in the world is key to designing relationships we can thrive in. How does one go about doing that? What if the person we find no longer fits into the relationship or life that we have built? What will the people in our lives think about the person that we find inside?

Join us on Wednesday, June 12th as we explore what it means to “know thyself.”

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Moderated by Jacqueline Misla and Effy Blue, we will hear from a diverse panel of real people sharing real stories about how they transformed their lives after getting in touch with who they are.


Doors at 7:00 PM. Panel and Questions at 7:30 PM. Socializing at 9:00 PM.


We will be audio recording the panel discussions and Q&As for the Curious Fox Podcast. We encourage you to listen, subscribe, and share the show with anyone who can’t join us on Wednesday.

(For those at the event who do not want their voice to be recorded, written questions can be submitted to the panelists during the event.)

Looking forward to seeing you on June 12th!


Curious Fox Social is dedicated to diversity in every way: gender, race, age, orientation, neurology, ability, ideology… We'd love to see everyone represented. No promises, no pressure. Just curiosity!


NEW POLICY: Volunteers are reimbursed for their event ticket at the door. For volunteer opportunities please follow this link:


Drinks and snacks available for purchase.


The limited number of seats means that we cannot offer refunds. You will receive credit for the next event if cancellations are made more than 24 hours in advance. If you realize you cannot come, have a friend take your spot!


Photos are okay with consent from all parties. Share your photos with us on Instagram using the hashtag #curiousfox. We also love being tagged @wearecuriousfoxes.


Curious: An engaged interest, a desire for discovery, a dedication to growth.

Fox: In Japanese culture foxes (kitsune) are believed to possess high intelligence, long life, and magical powers as well as being faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and partners.

Combined, Curious Foxes will approach new situations with an open mind, wisdom, and humility. They will explore together while challenging themselves to look within. Curious Foxes know how to ask questions with purpose while being able to listen fully and authentically to their answers. Curious Foxes stay curious.


"What a warm and wonderful group of people. I can't wait to be with them again. The discussion was very thoughtful and informative. The insights expressed were reassuring and supportive.” - Bill

"Very welcoming, warm and friendly. The organizers had a true sense of community.” - Aston

"Effy is a great facilitator and both the presenters and other participants were full of great energy. I was a little nervous going in, but quickly felt at home among a welcoming community of fellow Curious Foxes!" -Paul

"Polyamory can seem like a dark, undiscovered landscape to those taking their first steps forward, but Effy's warmth, openness, and curiosity is the sunrise over a placid and beautiful landscape." -Eddie S

"Don't think, just come … You get to meet the most friendly and interesting people." -Anonymous

"Although I'm already familiar and knowledgeable about ethical non-monogamy and polyamory, I learned so much from the panelists." -Anonymous

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