Intro to Altar Making

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329 days ago




The witch's altar is the center of their work- it can be a place or worship, a functional part of a spell, a place to house ritual tools, or even just a consecrated workspace. The witch's altar can take many shapes and forms, can be grand or modest, but it's role in magical practice can never be overstated.  Join Catland co-owner Melissa Madara for an in-depth introduction to the world of personal altars and the art of altar making. Students will get a look at some of the Catland house altars, as well as explore the various types of altars throughout spiritual practice. 

$15 per student Melissa Madara is a co-owner at Catland, a folk witch & an herbalist. Her work deals with the healing power of storytelling, divination, and mastery of the natural world. She is a teacher at Catland Books and numerous other metaphysical spaces in NYC, and available for herbal consultations, tarot, and spellwork questions by appointment.

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