Stillness Sessions: body. breath. mind.

Date & Time

303 days ago


Cobble Hill


In this introductory meditation series, we will explore vipassana or “Insight." Vipassana, one of the oldest of Buddhist meditation practices, is a direct and gradual cultivation of mindfulness or awareness. We will practice training your mind, attentive listening and careful listening. Join for one or all 4 sessions.

Week 1: Motivation, Why, Comfortable Seat Week 2: Balancing, Bright and Clear Mind, Widescope of Awareness Week 3: Know Your Object, Dispassionate Attention  Week 4:  Maintaining Stability, Tracking your Meditations This course will be led by Maria Cutrona, a Brooklyn-based yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher. Her training is steeped in the ashtanga tradition blending elements from vinyasa flow and the rigor of Yin Yoga. In her classes, you will embark upon self-exploration and drop into your power, essence, authenticity, and liberation. To her what matters most is the quality of your mind and the truth you live. Being a mother of two, a wife, a yogi, a student, teacher, dancer, business woman, urban dweller, lover of nature and art, aspirational artist, Maria is devoted to the daily practice of bringing equipoise and breathe to each moment. She describes practice as: "the science of waking up with deep respect and appreciation for who you are right now. Practice is the art of dropping into peace and happiness - which is available to us all the time. Practice shifts your perspective and sets the stage for your complete transformation.  "We take many forms in this world. I am a teacher, a friend, an activist, a daughter, a wife, a dancer and many other things. These superficial forms can easily come to define us and sometimes imprison us - energetically, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. On our mats, we embody divinity and our power shines forth."

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