Breath of Life: Awaken Healing

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360 days ago




Breath of Life: Awaken Healing WITH SARAH YARDENI & BODY AND BRAIN MASTER GEUM DAWOON Many ancient spiritual practices teach of the distinct connection between body and mind. Kabbalah is no exception. In this two-part introductory class from the Breath of Life series, learn to tune into the incredible wealth of understanding that resides within your physical being. By listening to the messages our bodies send, we have the power to awaken healing energy within. Don’t miss the latest Breath of Life offering – a unique combination of deep kabbalistic wisdom and practical tools to enhance your life. This course is taught by Kabbalah teacher, Sarah Yardeni, in tandem with Master Geum Dawoon. 2 sessions | $30 each session or free with membership | 6pm | @TKC Midtown

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