CBD HypnoSound Bath with Greg Prasker

Date & Time

144 days ago


New Dorp


Let's go deeper into self to let go of the past and manifest all we deserve and desire.

We ALL have to go more inward to make changes in our lives and CBD HypnoSound Baths are an amazing way to help individuals get deeper into self. It all starts with setting an intention declaring what you are looking to change and taking our individual doses of CBD Oil as a group.

Lying down or sitting in a meditative pose, you’ll be induced into a state of deep trance where you’ll be guided to a magical place of healing. The past will be burned away while intentions are set for all you are looking to manifest in life.

As you remain in this meditative state, you’ll then be immersed in a bath of vibration through the use of gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks and more. Being that we are all energy, certain frequencies will actually help alleviate blockages and stagnation in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 528hz, or The Love Frequency, is said to actually repair our DNA.

What many have experienced from CBD HypnoSound Baths:

• An immense boost in self-love, self-worth and self-confidence.

• An overall decrease in stress on a daily basis

• Freedom from constant worry, fear and overthinking.

• Diminished physical pain (Bone, Muscle and Wound)

• Increased energy, focus, inspiration and motivation

• Removal of financial blocks allowing greater abundance

• A release of past traumas and toxic people

• Increased Intuition

Please bring a Yoga Mat. You can also bring a pillow and small blanket in case you get cold

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