SACRED SEASONS: Summer Solstice Sound Ritual

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13 days ago




The SACRED SEASONS project is a series of three live ceremonial performances taking place on the summer solstice, fall equinox, and the winter solstice, that invites community to reconnect to nature's seasonal rhythms through sound and ritual centered on the shifts that we experience in our environment. Participants will be guided in a deep listening experience that weaves meditation, environmental field recordings, sound art, electronics, percussion, singing, and spoken word with ritual to explore the cycles of life and death and remember ourselves as sacred interconnected beings of this earth.

Sacred Seasons is a solo project featuring artist Zaneta (she/they) through a combination of sound art pieces and live ritual performance. Zaneta works as sound educator, sound artist, and percussionist in Brooklyn and has taught listening and sound workshops in the Brooklyn Museum and for programs such as Girls Rock, Girls Inc. Their process of creation involves connecting with land, as well as acknowledging the ancestral tribes of the region. Before recording , they make an offering to the land, acknowledging their relationship as a multi-identity poc living in the diaspora. After recording, a portion of all proceeds from the artwork sales are donated to the tribal council of the region, in this case the Lenni Lanape tribe. Zaneta also works as a tarot reader and witch in service of creative healing through @soundartmagic and is connected to a vibrant community of queer, multiracial creatives and healers who support their work. They lead a monthly community gathering for creative folx to explore the intersection of magic and nature-based spirituality in service of collective and personal well-being.

This project is made possible by the generous support of the Brooklyn Arts Council and Inner Arts Initiative, Inc.

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