Consider This: A Day of Challenging the Status Quo in Love and Sex

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Curious Fox PRESENTS Consider This: A Day of Challenging the Status Quo in Love, Sex, and Relationships.

Imagine if TED and SexExpo had a love child and she grew up to be a curious gathering of her own with a community of nerdy rabble-rousers with a ton of questions. This is Consider This.


Consider This 2019 is sponsored by the Center for Love and Sex and features an awesome lineup of speakers, panels and entertainers. All presenting ideas that challenge what we consider to be the norm in love and sex and invite you to pause, listen and reconsider your beliefs on topics such as:

  • Is porn really a public health crisis?
  • If sex is used to sell everything, why is it censored as a topic of conversation?
  • Do the relationship choices we make today reflect our current relationship or are they an echo from our past?
  • What defines a family?
  • Can you have ecstatic sexual encounters with any body?
  • Can an incurable STI be a blessing in disguise?
  • How is the role of self-esteem in relationships?

We'll also facilitate conscious connections with like-minded people and include some sexy, thrilling, and hilarious entertainment.

Consider This 2019 is supported by our sponsors Crafting Your Path and The Joy List


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