Introduction to Energetic Love Making

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356 days ago


West Village


Holistica NYC invites you to Introduction to Energetic Love Making  In this immersive workshop we will awaken, discover and expand your ability to connect deeply with yourself and others to create intimate & fulfilling connections in your life. Learn how to be a better lover, build attraction for greater orgasmic potential.  Workshop for singles & couples.  

About the Schedule ●Intro to Tantra & Energetic Love Making  ●Energy Awakening Breath Work  ● Sonic x Olfactive Alchemy (Chakra Activation)   We will conclude the workshops with delicious sunset elixirs to help us connect with the group & kick-off our Holistica NYC Community!  About the Workshops  Intro to Tantra & Energetic Love Making: Join us for an intro to Tantra, the path of desire to engage in a powerful and liberating view of sex as worship. We will explore the history and techniques of Tantra and how they translate into our modern day lives. We will engage our breath, experience kinetic meditation, and practices to connect to your pleasure and your partner.

This is for singles and couples. In this workshop you will learn: Techniques to stronger intimate connection   How to tap into your personal magnetism and charisma How to get out of your head and into your body for deeper pleasure.

Energy Awakening Breathwork:  Awaken your energy through the power of your breath. In this guided workshop experience we will  activate the body's own healing ability through breath, movement, sound, touch and body awareness techniques. This method will help you release physical, energetic and emotional blocks held in the body, allowing your energy to flow freely to connect deeply with yourself, your partner & your environment everyday.   Sonic x Olfactive Alchemy (Chakra Activation):  This is an experience of the healing power of sound & scent designed to integrate our energetic expansion. Using ancient tuning instruments alongside carefully curated scents, we will facilitate a mutually inspired meditative experience that invites us to listen and to sense deeply. In that sensing, we are invited to hold a space for personal restoration, transformation, and self-love — the foundational essence of all of our relationships. 

About the Facilitators: You will be guided by 4 International facilitators & experts in their field, in a safe space, allowing you to fully explore and express your heart. Amy Jindra initially learned Tantra to heal her wounds around childhood sexual abuse, religious shame and sexual assault later in her 20's. Little did she know that the Lightning Path of Tantra would lead her around the world teaching on sexual empowerment, sexual education and balancing our femininity. Amy Jindra studied under world renowned tantra expert Psalm Isadora and continues as a student of Sri Vidya Tantra. As a Tantra Coach, Amy is passionate about sharing sacred sexuality and the healing it brings through tantra. Her writing, one on one coaching, events and classes all integrate her message of authentic connection and intimacy in a modern world that she shares with people around the world. Katia Slottke is a certified Yoga Teacher, Breathwork Therapist for BioDynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release modality and a practitioner for Myofacial Energetic Release Massage. She believes that the healing of the body will restore the connection to the mind, and the body’s natural state of vitality. Through her spiritual path and experience Katia discovered breath as the most powerful tool for deep and lasting transformation. She has since dedicated her work to Breathwork Therapy to help people live a conscious, authentic and fulfilled life. She guides her clients on their personal transformation journeys by accessing and releasing deep-rooted armoring and patterns through working with the mind and body, as well as providing support in a profound integration phase.

Reem Abdou is an astronaut of inner space. As a yoga educator, conscious community catalyst, poet, and DJ and musician (also known as dreeemy), she synthesizes mediums, drawn especially from her Ancient Egyptian heritage and Tibetan Buddhist training, to offer an intentional experience of harmonic resonance and reconnection with the Earth and the Universe it orbits inside. Reem fuses ancient sounds and future beats with binaural ambience and natural soundscapes to evoke a rooted sense of spaciousness. The creator and main producer of The Collective BAE, Reem initiated this activation of yin/feminine energy in response to the need for more places and spaces that fused her lifelong explorations of human expression and embodiment.

Elsa Bustamante, Global Marketing Manager at Inter Parfums, is an expert in the fragrance industry. Elsa’s experience spans many facets of the perfume world, having held roles encompassing brand strategy, digital marketing, and product development. Elsa is currently exploring the role of olfaction in wellness and provides transformational & healing experiences through the world of scent. She has also held consulting roles with Coty/Marc Jacobs Fragrances and Perfumariē. She earned her MBA in Marketing from HEC Paris, and holds a B.A. from New York University.

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