Neighborhood Noodle Night

Date & Time

175 days ago


A community fundraiser/funraiser featuring family, friends, neighbors, and so many noodles…

Presenting Neighborhood Noodle Night (Winter 2019): featuring home style noodles straight from someone's family recipe book OR culinary laboratory. As with previous Noodle Nights, we will be featuring a very special homemade noodles cooked fresh for you to enjoy with some of our famous Noodle Night sauces!

All you can eat noodles, all you can drink specialty cocktails and mocktails. Please support our cooperative community space, the Guild for Good, with a suggested donation of $45.

Noodle it up with resident noodlemasters, saucemasters, and brothmasters for friendly homemade fare.

Chase with your noodle choice with winter-themed cocktails and mocktails to keep you nice and toasty.

*A bit about the Guild for Good: We are community of practice, an ecosystem of applied inquiry, and an assortment of friends and family committed to sowing a healthier tomorrow. Together, we explore ways to better serve our communities. Members of our collective operate a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit organization and a Membership Cooperative. Our cooperatively-managed space in Hell’s Kitchen, the Guild for Good, is designed to facilitate human connection, nourish conscientious productivity, and elevate the craft of intentional service.

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