Sacred Sexuality with Amy Jindra

Date & Time

53 days ago


Learn ancient techniques along with comprehensive sexual education to create more intimacy and connection in our lives to release trauma, shame and emotional blockages along with experiencing more pleasure.

You will learn dynamic breathwork, orgasmic yoga and experience kinetic meditation using our life force energy.

Amy has worked with clients all over the world and has seen profound healing from this tantric practice.

It is an introduction to tantra. There will be no nudity or touching. It is a powerful, connecting experience that you can practice by yourself or with a partner.

Please RSVP via the button above and we will e-mail you Zoom Call-In information the morning of the event! Amy was trained and certified by world renowned Tantra Teacher and Sex Expert Psalm Isadora. She has taught workshops and worked with clients all over the world. As a Western practitioner, she has one foot in the traditional Indian path. Passionate about sharing sacred sexuality and the healing it brings.  She takes great pride helping create a world without shame and guilt, especially around sexuality and our bodies, so that everyone can live a fully expressed and vivid life. Her mission is to build a platform of sexual health and education programs, bring awareness to sexual trauma and the power of Tantra practices to heal.  IG: @Amy.jindra  FB: Website:

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