Ayurveda: The Urgency of Why We Matter

Date & Time

367 days ago


Within this hour and a half we will explore the basic principles of Ayurveda and its significance as a universal science of lifestyle,  transformation, healing and well being. We will cover the cosmology of Ayurveda, the basic principles that harness Ayurveda within our lives, our doshic system, basic steps of self care and healing and how we are interrelated to the environment and the seasons. We will have a simple practice of meditation, Q&A and also a handout for a dosha test for the audience to take home. We will discuss the importance of seasonal cleansing and find out more about the Chandanni Liver Cleanse.In this workshop we will discuss:- What is Ayurveda as the Science of life- Learning how to Alleviate imbalance and stress in very simple practical ways- Explanation of the Ayurveda Doshic System and what that entails- Learning about the 3 Gunas and the significance of the Five elements that exist in our universe and how these translate into our lifestyle, environment and social structures. - The Practice of Whole Health- Power of Superfoods- Importance of Seasonal Cleansing- Sustainable and Effective Beauty Rituals- Nutrition and the five tastes in AyurvedaChandanni will also offer her products as part of a trunk show for this event. $25 advance$30 at the door tickets are non-refundable 

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