Ladies Get Paid- 1 day Get Paid Conference

Date & Time

137 days ago


Downtown Brooklyn


Get Money Get Paid is a 1-day experience dedicated to helping women rise up at work.


Ladies Get Paid empowers women to harness their professional ambitions and be proactive in their careers. Through networking events, town hall meetings, and an online community, more than 30,000 women worldwide come together to help each other succeed at work. Ladies Get Paid is the first step in closing the wage gap and ending workplace inequality.


Whether that's through making more money, rising up into leadership, or supporting female-friendly policies, this conference will give you the tools you need to make change in your life and the lives of other women. The day will be a mix of fireside chats, workshops, and panels, that will be as actionable as they are aspirational.


Level up your career

How to position yourself for a promotion Being strategic in your career decisions Best ways to build and leverage relationships Find opportunities to become a leader How to advocate for yourself so you’re recognized and rewarded What to do if you have a toxic co-worker How to be an awesome manager

Infiltrate the boys club

How to deal with the double standard How to combat imposter syndrome Ways to make your company’s culture more inclusive How to hold them accountable #metoo Can we play their game, our way? What to do if you’re objectified Women in the workplace

How to effect change both within and outside your company Explore policies that help women in the workplace; such as paid family leave, salary transparency, and the wage gap Activism 101: How to become civically engaged What it’s like to run for office How to build a community of women who can support yo Money is power

How to negotiate like a pro so you get paid what you deserve Explore your relationship with money How to budget like a badass Best ways to save, spend, and invest How to get out of debt Set yourself up for success: what money tools to use


General Admission: $189

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