Nourish & Receive: A NYE Women's / Womyn Identifying Breathwork & Community Gathering

$22 - $33 / Ticket

Date & Time

393 days ago


Crown Heights


We gather to share our scars, our stretch marks, our laugh lines. We gather to warm ourselves with long hugs, heart-full sharing, celebration, ceremony, and much needed company.

2018 was a helluva year for us all. So many women felt the intensity of global and personal struggle as deep psychic collective wounds triggered in us the places we too needed healing and clearing. Such gore and gorgeousness in the glory of our efforts. Such beauty in our courage. All so that we can more fully embody our strength, our power, our own truth, and walk in greater clarity and alignment with our Soul’s path -- to serve our highest selves, our loved ones and family, our businesses, our community, and the collective with ease, grace, and love.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We bear the children and get back to business. We carry so much because we can - literally and figuratively, with 8 arms as in the classic depiction of the eternal Goddess Durga We are so, so extra

And, we too require mothering - even (and perhaps especially) if we are mothers. We too deserve to be nourished. To receive care from others, and not just a modicum of #selfcare between errands and conference calls and laundry.

On the final day of the year, we gather to honor the incredible cycles of growth we experienced, the beauty and courage we offered others and ourselves, and to receive nurturing, love, and care in healing community.

2019 is the Year of the Empress - the tarot card symbolizing our feminine ability to Receive, perfect as the whole of the year is blessed by Jupiter’s return to its home sign Sagittarius, offering us invitation to receive our birthright of expansion and fortune.

Let us start the new year off in Right Action with ourselves, in declaration and embodiment of our Grace, Prosperity, and Truth.

Our Menu for the Gathering:

1 - Channeled spiritual teachings tailored to the participants gathered, and facilitated discussion, sharing on emergent themes

2 - A Guided “Beauty & Courage” Breathwork Experience to release any residual trapped emotions - anger, grief, sadness, resentment, etc.

3 - Journaling exercises to deepen self-inquiry and self-celebration

4 - A intention setting ritual and meditation guided with the medicine of cacao

Your guide for this Whole Human Alchemy Experience is Kathryn Cornelius, Founder of Whole Human Alchemy and Consulting, an integrative practice serving individuals and organizations to create their highest expression of how they work and live.

Kathryn is a born intuitive, teacher, artist, entrepreneur, and former IT & management consultant and college professor. She deeply believes in our innate capacity to heal and transform our wounds into medicine for ourselves and the collective. Kathryn's healing and coaching practice is rooted in nearly 10 years of personal practice, training, and education in Pranayama Breathwork, Trauma Recovery, Buddhism, Vedic & Eastern Medicine traditions, Reiki, Chakra & Energy Medicine, Neuroscience, Somatic & Transpersonal Psychology, Imago Therapy, Internal Family Systems & Parts Work, EMDR, and Brainspotting.

She holds numerous certifications, including Reiki Master, 200hr Dharma Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Breathwork (with David Elliot), & Soul Path Akashic Records. As a trauma-informed teacher, Kathryn is deeply sensitive to a person's nervous system and honors the highly dynamic needs of the individual. She has completed mentorships with Lindsay Mack (Wild Soul Healing), Josh Korda (Dharma Punx), and is in current mentorship with Michelle Sinnette (Soul Legacy) and training with Paramatma Siri Sadhana (The Invincible Hall).

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