Vibrobath Experience(Vibroacoustic Sound Bath)

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142 days ago




Vibroacoustic sound bath is a sound experience and ceremony that you can FEEL & HEAR—think the IMAX version of a traditional sound bath.

I believe that feeling good is our divine right! Vibrobath short for Vibroacoustic sound bath is a sound bath that you can FEEL & HEAR—think the IMAX version of a traditional sound bath. The first of its kind, Vibrobath is a sonic massage that promotes deep transformative healing.

We use Sound pillows that contain subwoofers, not only are you listening to the sound of singing bowls, nature sounds, voice,mantra but you are feeling the vibration on the body as well! It is the ultimate multi-sensory experience.

105 mins experience Plus 1 hour online group follow-up session for ultimate support!

Ticket Includes: 1.Vibrobath group session - sound massage with vibroacoustic pillows and guided meditation 2.Aromatherapy and hot towel 3.Reiki healing 4.Group discussion and bonding exercises 5.Spiritual coaching 6.1h-hour online group sound healing follow up session a week after the gathering 7.Networking and community building 8.Private Facebook Group support What to expect: Low bass frequencies create a sonic massage for participants, while also providing grounding while listening to the sound bouth and experiencing the guided meditation. Aromatherapy and Reiki compliment the exprience and support another layer of release and transformation of stuck emotions.

At the end of the Vibrobath experience the group is encouraged to share their experience with one another to find support and healing.

We'll conclude with a beautiful vocal exercise called toning. Toning is the act of releasing breath with sound. This technique can be taken home and practiced anywhere to kickstart your own sound meditation practice!

I believe that is important to be supported when we are on the journey of discovery and healing so I also am offering a Bonus 1 hour-follow up session with all of us on Zoom video the week after for additional support.

Total time: 2 hours in person and 1 hour online.


  1. The Limbic System is signaled to return to a calm state, and over time helps the body to become better at self-regulation and more resilient to stressors.

  2. The Relaxation Response is activated, which creates a cascade of positive physical and emotional health benefits.

  3. The heart rate slows and heart rate variability (HRV) improves, which is an indicator of stress resilience.

  4. Blood pressure lowers, which reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

  5. Muscles relax, which in turn can reduce pain from tension and spasms.

  6. Pain lessens through a combination of increased relaxation and an increase of “happy” hormones.

  7. Circulation increases, which nourishes the cells and organs.

  8. The body returns to homeostasis

  9. Spiritual awakening

We are only allowing 13 people per gathering to create an intimate environment.

About your Host: I am Devi Mambouka a certified Sound therapist by the Globe Institute of Sound Healing and Jikiden Reiki practitioner.

I believe that feeling good is our divine right. I want to create an intimate environment where individuals can come together in community in order to find release, feel good, and find support to the resistance that our daily life naturally brings.

I have had the opportunity to create and offer Vibrobath at the Ace hotel, WeWork, Heal Haus, the YES Studio, and Vibrobath was recently featured on Buzzfeed!

10 percent of net profit of ticket sales go to The Door. An Organization that helped Devi and her brothers when they were immigrant children to gain legal status 13 years ago, and now she is giving back to help youth that seeks immigration representation and many more programs offered at the door.

The Door information: Located right next to The Spring Meditation Studio, where the gathering is happening!

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