5-Element Tantric Touch

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223 days ago




In classical Tantra, the full spectrum of matter to spirit is explored through the physical body and the senses. 5-Element Tantric Touch covers basic theory and practical techniques in the beautiful, non-verbal language of touch, using 5 types of sacred touch, based on the qualities of each element.

Earth - Water - Fire - Air - Ether Embody and experience each element, from the most dense (Earth), to the most subtle and sublime (Ether).  All participants both give and receive sacred touch in all 5 Elements, increasing fluency in different styles of sacred healing touch.

This workshop is done "Thai-Style" - fully clothed, on cushions and cozy stations on the floor. Learn how to give and receive supportive, evolutionary feedback in a safe space. Ideal for both couples and individuals, no partner required. Benefits include: • Increased vocabulary of touch • Wider ranges of sensation and pleasure • Refined communication skills • Improved relationships through understanding of elemental properties and how they show up in human nature Taught by Heart-On founder Rachel Santos www.hearton.life Energy exchange*: $35 in advance/$45 at the door if space is available This event sells out, advance tix recommended! 10% of proceeds are donated to Music on the Inside, providing music and mentorship for incarcerated young people. "The techniques are playful and enjoyable for both parties. How I feel afterwards is much better than when I started. Transformational." -Henry L. "I really enjoyed exploring the qualities of the 5 Elements in new ways. Expanding the vocabulary and sensory experiences for my partner and I gave us an opportunity for deeper intimacy." -Brynn W. *if financial challenges would keep you from attending this event, please inquire for work-trade options or other ways to contribute and participate!

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