O'peN WorkshOp - WombYn; Are you ReadY to Inite yOurSelf A’flAme?

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238 days ago




Luminous Magik & Spiral Goddess present the weaving of a 3 day excursion! We will serve as your gate keepers and assist you in unlocking the psyche from repressed self expression through an excursion that will incorporate the spiritual, the sensual and the creative. ~Inner Child-Remember Her? ~Reclaim-Kundalini Yoga  ~Liberate- Trauma Release  ~Transcend- Explore the Senses ~Express-Exotic Movement  ~Intuit-Body Paint ~Create-Chanting May 23, 2020 3-8 pm May 30, 2020 3-8 pm May 31, 2020 Goddess Brunch For additional information visit: https://www.luminousmagik.com/the-k-ollective

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