Return to Expand: New Moon in Sagittarius Yoga Nidra & Chakra Alignment

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An online workshop on the astrology of this New Moon & Jupiter in Sagittarius with journaling prompts & a channeled Yoga Nidra ("sleep meditation") to clear energetic blocks and align your intentions with the lunar, planetary, and chakra-related energies of this time.

The recording of the live Yoga Nidra guided meditation & journaling prompts will be provided to participants after the class.

This New Moon on December 6th is the perfect capstone to a wild ride of year filled with retrogrades, an extra eclipse, and significant truth-telling and clearing both on a personal and societal level. For some individuals, major changes manifested externally - new careers, ending of marriages, falling out with friends, overseas moves, significant rearranging of life circumstances like finances, health, etc. While others may have been affected more internally, drawn to do shadow work and address childhood and family wounds, and establish a new relationship to self, money, body, etc. Whatever our assignments for this year have been, they have been leading us to now and this New Moon to cap 2018 - The Year of Mastery - with a sense of victory.

Everything in this life is for you. The difficult experiences are the grit that makes the pearl. By tuning within in the dark of the New Moon, we can hear the whisper of our intuition that tells us All is Well. And from that place of trust and alignment with our higher wisdom, we can plant seeds of intention that manifest from a place of soul-level Truth, rather than our ego.

Blessing this New Moon is both Mercury stationing direct in its final retrograde of the year, and the return of Jupiter to its home sign in Sagittarius. Both Jupiter and Sagittarius are about expansion and growth. Sagittarius wants us to aim higher with our intentions, think beyond our small selves, and consider the bigger impact we can create for the world. And the good fortune of Jupiter is there to super-charge the learning experiences that create the growth that both Sagittarius and our Soul desire.

With Expansion, comes Contraction. We can learn how to work with these fluctuations so that our ups and downs and ins and outs are less painful, and more easily digested.

In this New Moon class we will go deeper into the energies of this time, and how to work with them personally in an area of your life for setting clear, aligned intention.

We will focus on the channelled theme “Return to Expand” and receive spiritual teachings on how to work with this natural, yet sometimes scary, activity of expansion and contraction so that we may experience joy and ease in whatever manifestation our Jupiter good fortune creates.

A Yoga Nidra (“Sleep Meditation”) will gather these energies to facilitate clearing and intending at the subconscious and unconscious level, and the practice will include a chakra-balancing rotation of awareness and guided visualization for your highest expression of Truth to carry into the remainder of this year and off into the next.

Offered with Love and Honor for your Healing, Expansion, and Joy.

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