Cultivating Radical, Authentic Self-Love

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351 days ago


We know Life and Self-Love is more than just Insta-worthy pics of multicolored macaroons, crystal & candle-lined salt baths, and gel polish that matches our matcha. Authentic Self-Love can appear to be elusive to define, create, and experience partially because #selfcare and #selflove has become usurped by hyper-commodification and hegemonic cultural narratives of privilege. These can play into our deeply embedded wounds of unworthiness from childhood experiences of core shame, intergenerational patterning and epigenetic, and normative gender-biased agendas that purport women must take care of others before ourselves. We may also have difficulty loving ourselves if we didn’t witness or experience that growing up in our families of origin, or perhaps we experienced forms of trauma that created associations with love as something dangerous, something we had to earn, or for everyone else except ourselves.

Add to it, we may also feel scared of what we might find if we turn off the devices and step away from the obligations to turn our attention fully to our own raw, unfettered selves. Or perhaps, creating regular self-care and nurturing our own self-love might just simply be an issue of making time and space to create appropriate, do-able rituals amongst the busyness of everyday life.

None of these situations are a problem. Creating an experience of Authentic Self-Love is complex beyond a simple hashtag. Still, how do we do this thing called “Self-Love” in a way that is safe, supportive, and meaningful to our own unique selves?

Our ability to receive nourishment and care is our birthright. And we all - women, men, all gender identities - are very much learning in this lifetime how we can learn to receive and give in ways that are co-creative, expansive, and based in unconditional love. This is a workshop to create space and explore your own journey to continue beyond our time together.

In this workshop we will:

1) Discuss the cultural conditions surrounding Self-Love and perspectives from transpersonal psychology and spirituality that can help create and ground a more expansive understanding and definition

2) Reflect, Journal, and Share in community about our own experiences of the subject

3) Experience somatic-based and meditation techniques to establish self-contact as a gateway to explore true self-love, and identifying self-care needs needs and desires

4) Develop a personalized self-love manifesto and plan to prototype creating meaningful practices to support healing and experience nourishing in our everyday life

5) We will also experience the heart-opening magic of cacao and receive a crystal - both to infuse with your intentions for creating your highest experience of self-love

This workshop experience is centered on a trauma-informed approach, honoring the nervous systems of all individuals, and welcoming all self expressions and life experiences with care and love. The workshop takes place in Brooklyn and the exact location will be shared in advance upon registration.

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