Men's Naked Yoga

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161 days ago




Please note that this event is listed as “Men Only.”

This invigorating class is taught by Adam. This class is for all levels, with appropriate modifications offered for anyone who needs or wants them. Mats and towels are included at no extra cost. Exact entry instructions will be sent with ticket confirmation. Doors will open at 6:50 and close at 7:10. If you are late you will not be allowed entry. You are welcome to bring a snack to share if you wish.

Schedule: 6:50 - doors open, clothed mingling 7:10 - doors closed, brief preamble, disrobing 7:20 - naked yoga, led by Adam and Michael 8:30 - yoga ends, socializing with light snacks and beverages 9:00 - event ends, attendees depart

Location: Sunset Studio, 51 W 14th st, 10011 (Entry instructions provided in confirmation email)

You can learn more about Adam's yoga journey at PLEASE NOTE:

  • Tickets are only sold online before the event.
  • Doors close at 7:10. Latecomers will not be allowed entry to this event.
  • After buying a ticket, check the PDF attached to the email confirmation for entry instructions. If you do not see the email, please contact for entry instructions to this event.

Just Naked’s Principles - PVC

Participation: We ask that you are fully engaged at our events. Yes, getting naked is an experience in and of itself, but please arrive with curiosity and the energy to participate in the theme of the event. Another facet of participation is arriving with a clear mind. While responsible BYOB is sometimes allowed, visible intoxication is not.

Vulnerability: This Principle arose from the need to clarify the subjectivity of being naked. A woman going topless publicly, however legal it might be, is likely to arouse a negative response from most crowds. For this reason, we accept that a woman’s edge of vulnerability might mean keeping their bottoms on at our events. For men, we invite you to discover your edge of vulnerability in other ways. Perhaps you cross your arms during conversation? Uncross your arms to feel what that’s like. Maybe you’re afraid of looking stupid when you dance? Attend our Movement and Connection event to explore that fear and move beyond it. If you do not identify with the male or female archetypes, or are transitioning gender, please do whatever suits your needs. Our Builders are knowledgeable about these experiences and eager to help you.

Cohesion: For Just Naked, Cohesion means connecting with others in the spirit of openness and respect. When we do this collectively, we create social unity. In this unity, we are most effective at normalizing naked within the local and global communities. Respect means treating others how they would like to be treated. This may be difficult to intuit, so we ask that you familiarize yourself with our full FAQ.

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