Death Meditation + Sound Healing

$45 / Ticket

Date & Time

52 days ago




The journey of death can be confronting, it can challenge the present and make room for something different. Tonight we will breathe in the energy of the new, embrace the darkness of the unknown, create a clearing for growth and drop what is no longer serving.

The night will begin with light refreshments and conversation around creation and destruction. You will then be led into a meditation and sound healing allowing for a space to be accessed where your body and mind will die (figuratively.) The process will be supported and held within the group and guidance of the facilitation. You will be brought back to life revitalized and reborn with the clarity of who you are, what you want and what is most important. You will explore the depths of regret, fear and challenges and be reawakened to embrace your magnificent soul and self.

Tonight is a night to bring your heart and lay it all on the line to allow for the greatest version of you to be resurrected. We will play like your life depends on it, because it does.

tags: meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, consciousness, changemakers, death, sound bath, rebirth, sound healing