Daily Mindfulness & Midday Boost Meditation and Yoga Sessions

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Grae Wellness Lounge is a full service yoga, meditation, and massage therapy studio located in Union Square NYC. We provide holistic and modern wellness experiences expressed through classes, private services, workshops, events and interactive activities.

We offer daily yoga and meditation classes, weekly barre, movement and life coaching circles, workshops and special events. We combine a variety of healing modalities with concepts that reflect modern life. Our private individual services include, massage therapy, yoga, life coaching, hypnotherapy, meditation and reiki healing. This midday yoga class is Tues-Thur, however we have classes throughout the week. Check them out here.  Our diverse wellness team is essential to our growing community, encouraging authenticity, transformation, and alignment of the mind, body and spirit. We believe the human mind and body are intimately interconnected yet so often we ignore their communication. We strive to awaken the body from the inside out through mindful awareness activities that can greatly increase our capacity to be present with kindness for all aspects of life. Each day we will explore this first foundation of mindfulness through an interweaving of guided sitting meditation, movement practices, talks and dialogue.  FAQs:

  1. Is this class everyday? Yes, we have meditation and yoga classes every day. This midday meditation class is from Tues-Thursday at 12:15pm. Please check our full class schedule to confirm class is in session: HERE
  2. How much is the class and can I pay at the door? The class is $15 per session per person, for up to 1 hour. Yes, you are able to pay at the door. 
  3. Who is the instructor? Our instructors are certified yoga and meditiation specialists with over 10 years of experience.
  4. Hours of Wellness Lounge Monday - Friday 7am to 10pmSaturday 9am to 7pmSunday 12pm to 4pm
  5. Other services? Guided Yoga, 24 Hour Massages / Physical Therapy, & Event space 
  6. Website? www.graewellnesslounge.com
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