Celebrate Rebirth - Honoring Our BodyHome: Scorpio Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

$20 - $30 / Ticket

Date & Time

386 days ago


A Full Moon in Scorpio Cacao Ceremony for Rebirth

Our Body is our Home. When we seek to create change in our life, to be "reborn" into a new job, new relationship, new city, or even a simple new self-care routine, we can benefit from learning how to support our bodies in adjusting to change.  

Full Moons are a time of seeing with great clarity the changes that one has created, and the areas of our lives still ripe for transition. It is a time for joyful celebration in community, to honor the harvest of our efforts.

In this workshop you will receive:

1 - Spiritual teachings and Tactical practices on the nature of the body as "Home," and how we can work with our neurobiology and emotions to support change "taking root" with specific breath, meditation, and somatic experiencing practices for everyday life 

2 - Journaling, Intention-setting, and Sharing in Sacred Community, exploring themes of rebirth, clearing fear of change & resistance, and intention to grow and fully bloom into coming Summer

3 - A Cacao Ceremony to create and seal intention for our continued Health of our "HomeBodies," and our desires to create the life we are called to live. A crystal gift will be also given as token and reminder of our intention

Cacao is a beautiful, heart-expanding medicine and superfood -- a true expression of Mother Earth's love for us. It is an honor to share her medicine. Legacy Cacao is offered in sacred partnership from Guatemala and the Mayan Priestess that my teacher has been guided to support in sharing this offering through a Fair Profit organization.

Offered with love, honor, and nurturance for wherever you are in your journey. 

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