VIBRATE HIGHER | RELEASE: Breathwork + Reiki + Meditation | NYC Pop-Up

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139 days ago




What is holding you back from living the life that you want? Release it here. Relieve stress with meditation, feel energized through the healing power of Reiki, and find balance using therapeutic Breathwork with special visiting instructor to HUB SEVENTEEN, Michelle Lee of VIBRATE HIGHER. 

You will be guided through a meditation, receive the healing energy of individualized Reiki, clear your energy using therapeutic breathwork, and have the opportunity to reflect and share. Just as we need to digest food, we need to digest life’s experiences. If we don’t take the time for proper personal reflection, meditation, or spiritual practice, this energy can become stuck and create blockages. As a Reiki Master and energy healer, I will support you in clearing your body and mind for clarity and comfort using Reiki, an ancient practice used to reduce stress and alleviate physical discomfort, and guide you on a journey of self-discovery with the tools of meditation and therapeutic Breathwork. Release what is no longer serving you and activate your energy to let in the life that you want. Classes are 60-minutes. Dress cozy and comfortably -- workout clothes not necessary. Mats will be provided. WHY VIBRATE HIGHER? Everything has an energy, a vibration. Love, joy, peace and enlightenment have higher vibrational energies than shame, guilt, apathy and fear. To "vibrate higher" means to tap into your inner power, unleash it and open yourself to living your best life. Through movement, meditation, breath, energy work and personal development practices, you can release those things you’re holding onto that are not serving you, and tap into your power within to direct energy towards your goals. More information at VIBRATE HIGHER COMES TO YOU BY MICHELLE LEE Michelle is Founder and CEO of VIBRATE HIGHER, offering transformational healing through Yoga, Reiki, Breathwork and more. The purpose of VIBRATE HIGHER is to empower others to lead their best lives through offering experiences that bring together exploration and release within one's physical body and emotional self. As a Movement + Motivation Coach, Reiki Master and RYT-200 Yoga Instructor based in Washington, DC, Michelle is an intuitive teacher with a unique ability to blend studies of yoga, spiritual practice, mindfulness and science. She works to encourage you to pursue your fullest life and supports you with tools to get there. Born and raised in Nebraska, Michelle first had an interest in the medical field, but soon realized that education could serve as a tool for disease prevention. As a teacher in Washington, DC public schools, she works in communities of trauma to mentor young people in their pursuit towards the lives that they want.  Michelle leads strategy and project management of community initiatives for lululemon. She has been featured on Self-Helpless, a top 100 iTunes and Spotify podcast, to speak about Reiki and the power of positive thinking, and continues to seek opportunities to both teach and learn on the topics of alternative healing, spiritual practice and expanding consciousness.

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