The Alchemy of Anger: An Emotional Mastery Workshop [online]

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Anger is a Tool, not a Weapon

Anger is perhaps one of the most controversial emotions in the spectrum of human experience. Our dominant cis-gender cultural norms assert the outdated belief that anger is "too dangerous" for girls to be (they are allowed to be sad) but boys are allowed to mad (just not sad) as that suits an outdated concept of "masculinity." This contortion alone feeds so much of the unconscious reproduction of toxic fear and shame in our society.

On a personal level, many of us first learned about anger in our childhood homes and neighborhoods. We may have physically, emotionally, or psychologically experienced its expression with trauma and wounds visible and unseen. As adults, we may not know how to relate to this energy when it comes up within … So we stuff it down with over-eating and binge drinking, numb out with Netflix, or perhaps "slash and burn" relationships in outbursts we later regret. Anger can arise to indicate transgressed boundaries, unmet needs, repeated acts of self-betrayal.

Represented by the element of Fire, and aligned with the Manipura Chakra, our Will Power center, Anger has an energy signature that can be used to create powerful transformation. It is a sacred messenger, like all emotions, and one we can learn to befriend and alchemize for healing. We can work with consciously with anger towards cultivating Right Relationship with ourselves and others.

In this workshop we will:

1) Discuss the cultural conditions surrounding Anger and perspectives from transpersonal psychology and spirituality that can help create and ground a more expansive understanding and definition

2) Learn the biochemical science behind emotions as the communication between psyche (soul / mind) and body

3) Reflect, Journal, and Share in community about our own experiences of the subject

4) Experience somatic-based techniques to establish self-contact with our inner self / inner child as a gateway to explore and heal anger

5) Learn hands-on practices to support healing and skillful approaches to relating to anger in our everyday life

6) Receive instruction and experience powerful state-changing meditations and breathwork practices

All participants receive:

1) A recording of the live session and materials presented 2) A workbook for the course and for continued personal use after the session 3) 3 bonus meditation practices: “Anger & Joy” TherapeuticYoga Nidra audio + 2 Kundalini Breathwork kriya videos

This workshop is centered on a trauma-informed approach, honoring the nervous systems of all individuals, and welcoming all self expressions and life experiences with care and love.

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