Live Stream: Binaural Sound Meditation with The Sound Dojo

Date & Time

68 days ago




In these extraordinary times it is important to stay connected with each other and to ourselves. In this pursuit, we are excited to share with you a Binaural Sound Meditation Broadcast streaming live from The Sound Dojo.

Join us for an hour of relaxing sound and textures in high resolution binaural audio. Be sure to find a quiet and comfortable space, an eye mask, and use high quality headphones for the full 3D sound experience.Engage deep listening, using sound as the vehicle for self-inquiry, and as a tool for bringing us back to feeling grounded and reminding us of our ability to internally realign. --Lightning Society 'Quaranstream' events are donation-based and 100% of proceeds go to the event leaders. Please register via Eventbrite and select what you can pay.Live stream link in discussion!

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