Meditation + Reiki (Zoom If need for Coronavirus lockdowns)

Date & Time

284 days ago


Hell's Kitchen


This will become a live zoom call if we are on lockdown at the time. :) We need this now more than ever!  An email with the exact room will be sent out the week of the event. Do not wait until the last minute to RSVP as the event cancels with no RSVP 48 hours prior to the session.

Meditation and Reiki are excellent for bringing balance into your life, ease physical and emotional tension, relax the mind and body, happier, healthier state of being.

In this session, you will receive the energy of reiki while being guided through a soothing meditative journey within to open your chakras, relieve pain, clear your mind, restore your energy, and find inner peace. Then you will experience individual reiki experience as I walk around the room to enhance your meditative experience.

Taking part in this session will be a unique, restorative, and transformational experience. You will leave this session feeling relaxed, refreshed, and heightened motivation and energy to continue your daily activities. Reiki can put your body and mind into a state of balance in order to promote natural healing. It works with your energy centers (chakras) to help to align your system so that you are functioning at your optimal level.

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