Growing Your Soul Purpose and Career Path: An Interactive Planting + Gathering to Manifest A Soul-Filling Career

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379 days ago




The language of the Earth, in many cultures, has been lost as respected narrator for awakening and embodying our path as a human being. Yet, many change-makers who shape our world do so by answering a calling from deep within the Universe.

 In this workshop you will connect to a vision for your role as a contributor to the Earth, create an offering of intentions and plant a potted reminder of the ‘aha’s’ that stick with you And have those mental seeds grow. Through guided meditation, Earth Medicine and Ancient Wisdom, you will learn to listen and look for the messages of your life pathreclaim you inner knowing, clarity and joyunlock and activate key elements of your unique contribution to the planet Leave with a plan for nourishing your career and Soul growth.   *a journal is suggested. please bring any questions and curiosities, there will be time for Q+A with Lauren after the workshop.   Contribution: $44 Shared by Lauren Pacione, who embodies a multiverse of perspective, infused with over a decade of combined work in Women’s Wellness, ‘Sales’ and Managerial roles, refined through the gift of training and mentoring through organizations and individual practice. The ethos of her work is in flow with a yin and yang of energy, influenced by deep Shamanic training, healing work and an inseparable love of nature and plant medicines.

Her trust of intuition and healing is harmonized by leadership training from Duke Integrative Medicine, a mentorship with the Fuqua School of Business and exceptional performance in membership management with a national health club franchise. She continues to honor lineage teachings and action-oriented trainings with programs in organizations, retreats and 1-1 to contribute to our collective consciousness. Lauren’s purpose is to exist as an invisible force that loves and encourages you to be the fullest expression of your essence. IG



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