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40 days ago




Come join Laura Chung, reiki and energy healing master, as she walks us through a chakra meditation clearing and its powerful benefits. Laura will teach us how to do some energy healing on ourselves so we can continue to restore physical and emotional well-being. Laura will take us through the seven chakras and how each is vital to our energy flow. If you are feeling in a funk, experiencing low energy or lacking focus this is certainly an event you don’t want to miss!

ABOUT LAURA: Laura Chung is a New York-based Spiritual Coach. She has her Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and spent most of her adult life in corporate America following a traditional life path. After achieving what most people would say a “successful” life, she did not feel any happier or fulfilled. On a quest to find her true purpose in life, she quit her job in 2017. She became nomadic and traveled the world; stopping by places like India to become a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She has worked with shamans, astrologers, energy healers, sages and eventually becoming a Reiki Master herself. Somewhere along this journey, she realized that the secret to life is within you. Everyone has the power to create the life of their dreams because we are all limitless beings. Laura’s purpose here on earth is to teach you how to co-create your DREAM LIFE with energy work and by guiding you through your awakening, healing, and transformation. Find out more about Laura here.

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