Curious Fox Presents: Graphic Sex with Jennifer Beman

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Let’s Get Graphic!

The Graphic Sex Project (GSP) is designed to help people have better sex by helping them talk about it! Join us May 15th at 7pm (venue to be determined).


We will begin the evening on the topic of consent in discussions of sexuality, with some fun exercises designed to practice both talking openly, and setting and accepting personal boundaries in relation to each others self-disclosure.

Then it’s time to create! There are a lot of ways we think our about our sex lives, but this way is totally unique. We will each make a “graph” of a personal sexual story using cubes and dots to represent our values and desires. It’s a surprisingly powerful perspective -- revealing, titillating, and just a little bit nerdy. You may find out a few things about what you really want! Next we will break into groups for some guided discussions based on what the graphs revealed, sharing insights and ideas.

In this workshop we will explore:

How to talk about intimate sexual topics and our own sexual stories How to be open to what others reveal, and set boundaries when it’s right for you New perspectives of own sexual preferences, desires, and values How what we desires aligns with what we actually experience

  • OUR HOST -

Jennifer is an artist, working in various mediums to open up conversations about sex and sexuality as a means toward deeper human connection. She wants to make talking about sex fun and easy. She founded a bi-monthly women’s discussion group, Women Uncorked, now in its fourth year, devoted exclusively to talking about sex. She developed the Graphic Sex Project as a tool to help people start conversations with partners about their sexual preferences and values. She has brought the Project to dozens of events and collected hundreds of “graphs” of people’s sexual stories. The installation showcases the spectacular range and diversity of the human sexual experience, giving people an acceptance and appreciation of their own unique way of expressing their sexual being. Her workshops use the tools she created to help people explore communication and awareness about aspects of their sexual lives.

As a documentary filmmaker, her talent as a storyteller shapes her process. She believes that stories are the fundamental way we make sense of our lives. The graphs of the Graphic Sex Project are exercises in story creation, to gain new insights and perspectives on our sensual expression, and use those to build connection both with partners and our inner fox.


Curious Fox Social is dedicated to diversity in every way: gender, race, age, orientation, neurology, ability, ideology… We'd love to see everyone represented. No promises, no pressure. Just curiosity!


We strive to make our event accessible to everyone. For volunteer opportunities please follow this link:

  • VENUE -

New Women Space, 188 Woodpoint Road, Brooklyn, NY, 11211


Doors at 7:00pm, event 7:30pm, social time 9:00pm


The limited number of seats means that we cannot offer refunds. You will receive credit for the next event if cancellations are made more than 24 hours in advance. If you realize you cannot come, have a friend take your spot!


Photos are okay with consent from all parties. Share your photos with us on Instagram using the hashtag #curiousfox. We also love being tagged @wearecuriousfoxes.


Curious: An engaged interest, a desire for discovery, a dedication to growth.

Fox: In Japanese culture foxes (kitsune) are believed to possess high intelligence, long life, and magical powers as well as being faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and partners.

Combined, Curious Foxes will approach new situations with an open mind, wisdom, and humility. They will explore together while challenging themselves to look within. Curious Foxes know how to ask questions with purpose while being able to listen fully and authentically to their answers. Curious Foxes stay curious.

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