Swimming with Ease: Pisces New Moon Completion & Intention Ceremony Live from Sedona Healing Vortex

$20 - $25 / Ticket

Date & Time

327 days ago




…Release what truly no longer represents Who You Are.

…Connect to your deepest intuitive desires and dreams.

…Intend to experience Ease in how you move through life, and Grace in all your Creative projects.

We can choose to swim up river when the time is the time. We can also experience Ease and Grace in all that flows to and through us for our highest expansion. Suffering through our life experiences is optional. All is happening for us, not to us.

For many of us, the past 8 years of Chiron in Pisces has felt like a battle with "reality." And it has been. The energy of this planet has guided us to go within and "clear the river" of our psyches so we can expand into a greater alignment with our Truth and Soul's calling. To create a New Reality we are ready to call in with this new moon.

The energy of the Pisces moon is both of completion, and preparation for the new Zodiacal calendar start with Aries and the new moon taking place at 26 degrees. Now we are being guided to relax into the stream of our unconsciousness, our dreams, our visions and let them flow in and through us with the ease and grace that is our birthright. We are called to once and for all release the old forms of our Self and intend our Truest version of Self to become manifest in the world.

It does not have to be a struggle.

We can flow with the energy that is always already aligning for us, and is not against our highest growth.

This New Moon Meditation and Ceremony is a special offering to those that feel called to deepen into their Piscean creative dreams and self-healing intuitive talents.

We will be connecting and broadcasting live from Sedona AZ and its healing vortex energy, opening a portal to deeply alchemize and release anything that is no longer a part of who we are intended to be in this lifetime.

This New Moon Whole Human Alchemy Experience includes:

1) Discussion of the astrological energies of this time and how to best work with them in your personal and professional life 2 ) Participate in a Whole Human Alchemy ceremony & journal exercises to transform limiting beliefs into adaptive seeds of intention and expansion 3) Learn a breathwork / meditation technique you can use anytime to quickly change your experience from anxiety to calm acceptance, helping you to "swim with ease" in the flow of life 4) Participate in an intuitive, channeled healing meditation to support you in accessing your deepest dreams and intuitive longings, to bring to light that "next right step" in your growth

A recording will be made available to participants. All are welcome to join together in love, community, and ceremony during this powerful new moon.

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