Joy, Rigor, and the Power of Wise Masculinity-Bobbito Garcia with Kate Johnson

Date & Time

93 days ago




Practice:RAIN, Mindfulness of Emotions

How can we individually and collectively cultivate vibrant, powerful masculine energy that is free from aggression and domination? Learn how Bobbito Garcia—a DJ, filmmaker, NYC street basketball legend, and father—has redefined masculinity in the worlds of hip-hop, sports, and entertainment, exemplifying just how cool it can be to lead with love.

This session will start with a mindfulness practice, guided by Compassionate Action series host Kate Johnson, on working with strong emotions, empowering you to respond from the heart instead of reacting from habit. Kate and Bobbito will discuss how we can create the conditions for healthy masculinity and transcend toxic masculinity with joy, rigor, and love. Then Bobbito and Kate will answer questions about building creative and business cultures in which all genders can thrive.

About Compassionate Action How can we cultivate the power within us to balance the power between us? Join meditation teacher Kate Johnson, co-creator and host of Compassionate Action, a series of interactive evenings with artists, changemakers, culture creators, and healers who leverage the power of spirit to fuel their transformative work in the world. Each session will include a conversation, a meditation, and an activity to integrate the learnings. You will have a chance to strengthen your skills to access the clarity, connection, and courage needed to effect change in challenging times. We hope you will leave fortified, inspired, and more skilled to turn your wise intentions into compassionate action.

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